Seasons Clothing Remove Fur

September 5, 2011

Following our action alert yesterday featuring Yorkshire business, Seasons Clothing, a company director contacted us to discuss the matter.

We have now received assurances that all fur products have been permanently removed from sale.

As a result, we ask for all contact with Seasons Clothing to cease with immediate effect.

Thanks goes out to all supporters who took action and to Seasons for removing fur products from their shelves.


Kiosk 78 Remove Fur From Sale

September 10, 2010

As shops begin getting their Autumn / Winter Season stock in, West Yorkshire Animal Rights undercover store investigators have been out in the county, inspecting shops to see if they are stocking real fur. We are pleased to announce that only one has been found so far.

This week, we contacted Kiosk 78, one of the most upcoming fashion businesses in Leeds, about the fur items that they had on sale and we got an extremely possitive responce from the shop’s owners, adopting a fur-free policy and informing us they were unaware the items on sale were made with real fur.

The following statement was received today:

“Hi there, thanks for your email.

The coats in question have only just arrived in store and we ordered these from images so we actually assumed the fur on the hood was fake. We would never knowingly order any items made from real fur nor will do so in the future.

These have now been taken off-sale from the shop.

Kind regards,
Damon Bryan
Kiosk 78″

We thank Kiosk 78 for their ethical and honest reply with regards to the sale of real fur.

Campaign Victory – Ramus Stop the Sale of Foie Gras

July 18, 2010

It has been brought to our attention that Ramus have now removed all foie gras from their stores and it has been confirmed that their website will soon be updated to reflect this.

As a result, we call for all contact with the company to end with immediate effect.

With this decision comes the completion of our ‘Get Cruelty Off the Menu’ campaign, seeing an end to all foie gras sales in restaurants, shops and catering suppliers across West Yorkshire with eight victories in a short space of time.

We wish to not only thank those who have taken part and supported the campaign, but the establishments who have made the ethical decision. As a group, we will be keeping a close eye on the catering industry across the county and will bring about updates if we become aware of any other foie gras peddlers.


Welsh Badger Cull Halted – Victory!

July 18, 2010

This week, we were graced with the news that the badger cull in Wales has been halted due to a successful legal challenge by various groups, including the Badger Trust, leading to a High Court Judgment that the cull is in fact illegal.

As a group who have been actively involved in putting pressure on those involved in the cull, with regular demo’s outside the main company involved – Thomson Ecology – we welcome the decision.

However, it is unclear at the time of writing whether the cull will be refined and continued in a small area of Wales opposed to the whole country. We will update supporters accordingly when the information is available.

Animal Abusers Demo’s in West Yorkshire

July 1, 2010

Activists in West Yorkshire today protested outside local targets involved in animal abuse.

First of all was Thomson Ecology (Tel: 0113 247 3780) in Leeds City Centre, we are heavily involved in the Welsh Badger Cull. Upon arrival, we named and shamed them and chanted over megaphones. TE were not expecting us this time, so all their workers were there.

Next of all was the Head Office of NG Bailey (Tel: 01943 601933) at Denton Hall near Ilkley. The local gamekeepers attempted to stop us going on the public right of way straight through the land, however we went on anyway and had a protest right outside the building, much to their anger. NG Bailey are responsible for constructing the new animal testing lab for rodents and beagles at the University of Leicester. At the end, they attempted to stop us leaving the site however crafty activists just walked out of the other exit!

Last stop was Ramus (Tel: 01943 600 388) in Ilkley, who continue to sell foie gras despite their lies claiming the contrary. Outside the shop, a banner was unfurled and chants on the megaphone let everybody around know about the unethical business in the town. Leaflets were also given to customers, some of whom turned away, whilst members of the public were generally supportive.

We will be holding more protests at the companies above in the coming weeks.

Ramus – Final Foie Gras Target

June 30, 2010

Ramus are the last establishment in West Yorkshire selling foie gras. They know quite well about the cruelty involved in this disgusting trade, yet continue to sell a product manufactured by force-feeding animals until they are in complete agony. Demo’s and actions will be announces shortly.

Please contact Ramus in disgust at their support for the foie gras industry:

Ocean House
Kings Road
Tel: 01423 563271,

Victoria Mews,
2 South Hawksworth Street,
Ilkley, LS29 9DX
Tel: 01943 600 388
Alan Taylor (Shop Manager) –

Jonathan Batchelor –
Tony Ramus –

All emails:,,,,

Another Foie Gras Target Go – 1885

June 30, 2010

1885 The Restaurant have now removed foie gras from their menu’s. Today, we received the following statement:

“We have taken all foie gras products of menus as from 30.06.2010
But in our defence can i just say that we get customers asking for foie gras and think you would spend your time better asking the public not to eat it.

Please end all contact with 1885 The Restaurant, and we will now primatise our focus on the last vendor of foie gras – Ramus. Let this be a message to them that will fight on and we are serious in our aim of ridding the disgusting delicacy that is foie gras from West Yorkshire,

Many thanks to everybody who contacted them in disgust,